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Savannah, GA, is a very haunted city, more haunted than most for sure. There are numerous reasons why a city like Savannah would be haunted. Disease, plagues, warfare, natural disasters, slavery… we could go on and on. Once you start to dig below the surface of many of the stories of ghosts in Savannah, you can start to connect the dots between the hauntings people are experiencing and the causes for those hauntings. That is why walking ghost tours in Savannah, GA, are so popular… perhaps we really are America’s Most Haunted City©! and only our Master Storytellers can bring it to life! Join us tonight!

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America’s Most Haunted City© The Tour begins outside Starbuck’s Coffee on the corner of Bull & Broughton Streets (1 East Broughton Street) in Savannah, Georgia. Now, you and your family can witness the chilling stories & eerie properties that paved the road to Savannah’s infamous reputation! 6th Sense World offers more ghost tours in more Savannah neighborhoods than any other company & are the only organization investigating haunted properties on a weekly basis! We encourage you to sample all of our tours as each is designed to be a very specialized and different experience!

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This tour was awesome when it comes to the history of Savannah and it’s creepy stories! Ash was out tour guide and he was so lively in bringing Savannah to its original glory! The stories of historic Savannah were amazing to hear and to see the historic sites just added to the story! Highly recommend this!


I went on the “most haunted city” tour and the Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours by Shannon Scott – and they were both absolutely wonderful! The tour guides are extremely informative about the subject matter and the history of Savannah and are NOT scripted at all. They are gifted public speakers. The Haunted tour...

mntraveler, Minnesota

Our tour guide was named Ash and he was amazing. Great story teller and very pleasant. Would love to take all of the other tours available next time I am in Savannah.

Karla A, Atlanta

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